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   Sep 01

After 1 Month

It is pretty amazing how fast plants can grow! The balance is not yet established in my aquaponic system, however, it does still provide a water source for plant life.

Here is what the plants look like after 1 month in the towers.

1 Week
1 Month

Baby Pak Choy

Baby Pak Choy


Bay Pak Choy

Cilantro or Parsley 1 Week

Cilantro or Parsley

Basil (Thai, Sweet or Lemon) After 1 Week

Basil (Thai, Sweet or Lemon) After 1 Week

Sweet Basil (top), Thai Basil (bottom)

Lemon Basil (top), Thai Basil (bottom)


Lemon Basil (bottom), Cilantro (top, behind)

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